3 Temporary Remedies When Your Roof Is Leaking

3 Temporary Remedies When Your Roof Is Leaking

One of the major challenges that commercial roofs face is leaking. Whether it be from a busted pipe within the ceilings or from stormwater offs, the fact is that water is destructive and can cause bigger problems if left unattended. Leaking is not only a major cause of concern because of the damages it brings, but it is also quite a nuisance especially in commercial establishments. Can you imagine being hit by a droplet of water from a leaking ceiling? That is bound to attract criticism from others!

Having a leaking ceiling calls for repairs, but in the meantime, while rescue has not yet arrived, what can you do to temporarily stop these leaks from creating trouble?

  1. Cover Using A Tarp – This might not be the best solution but covering your leak source with a tarp is the quickest and easiest way to prevent rainwater from penetrating through your roof. After locating and identifying where the leak is coming from, drape the tarp over it and secure it in place using heavy materials like rocks and ropes.


  1. Plug Leak Holes – Tarps are useful for big and gaping holes on your roofing but in smaller sources, using a filler to plug in the hole will do. For fillers, you can use cement that is made especially to cover holes, gaps, and cracks on roofing. This solution can last you a while until real and professional help comes to check on your roof.


  1. Make Temporary Metal Shingles – Tarp covers are really not your type and plastic roofing cement are not natural. If that is the case, your next project would be to make shingles! Shingles keep the elements away from the very base material of your roofing. By making temporary Do-It-Yourself shingles, you can at least prevent snow and rain from penetrating your roof for several days while you wait for assistance. You can create shingles from metal and copper sheets.


Leaking roofs are no joke and, as mentioned above, and the damaged and leaking commercial roof can drive away people. Doing a bit of DIY is not harmful but do take note that these suggestions are merely Band-Aid solutions and not meant for long periods of time. At the end of the day, consulting professionals about roofing leaks and knowing how to best address them is the right decision to make.

If you want quick updates about leaking commercial roof repairs, you can always go to Gulf Tex Roofing & Services and we will be happy to answer your questions as well as assist you with your toys.