4 Things To Think About For Your Commercial Roof

4 Things To Think About For Your Commercial Roof

Things are finally turning the corner for the USA after the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, there’s still some recovery to do in Texas, as the state went through one of the worst snowstorms in years. For some, it’s meant to damage to their buildings. For commercial property owners, it raises questions about how to approach their commercial roof.

If you’re undergoing commercial roof repairs, or considering getting an entirely new roof built for your commercial property, here are four factors that you should be thinking about. They’ll help you to get a roof that you can rely on within your budget.


Final Cost

Of course, a business owner will always be looking at the bottom line. Still, it’s important to remember that saving money now doesn’t necessarily mean saving money later. Going for the lowest cost roof often means giving up quality parts and sometimes even quality labor in exchange for paying a lower price on the roof itself.

This means, usually, that a property owner will spend more money later on repairs or even replacement. Saving $100,000 now, for example, makes little sense if it means paying $300,000 in five years to get a new roof and repair the building damaged by the old one. Always remember you get what you pay for.




Pay special attention to the warranty. Unlike off-the-shelf retail products that may have warranties running anywhere from 90 days to one year, roof warranties aren’t so standardized. A roof’s warranty maybe for 20 years, or it can be a lifetime warranty.

How long the warranty represents the amount of confidence, the roofers and other partners have in the quality of the materials and the labor itself. The shorter the warranty is, the more likely you are to encounter structural problems down the line.


Property Value


In some cases, a warranty on a roof is so good that it’s actually transferrable. In other words, if you get a commercial roof installed with a 50-year warranty and then sell the building ten years later, that warranty is still valid and will be honored for another 40 years.

This type of roof work is highly valued and can raise the overall value of a property itself. Think of your roof not just as a form of environmental protection but a possible asset in your property finances.


Energy Costs


Consider the fact that spend a little more on your roof can also affect your long-term utilities costs. Better insulation or choosing a reflective surface, for example, can keep electrical costs down. These precautions enable the air conditioner to work more efficiently at keeping a building cooler, thus lowering energy consumption and the monthly bills.

Keeping these factors in mind for your next roofing project can have a significant impact on your finances. If you’d like to know more about getting a new commercial roof installed, we can help. Contact Gulf Tex Roofing & Services, and we can look at your project and give you the information you need to make the right choices based on the budget you want to work with.