6 Benefits Of Roof Coating Systems

6 Benefits Of Roof Coating Systems

Are you thinking about getting a roof coating system for your commercial building? Roof coatings have a lot of benefits that business owners and commercial property owners can take advantage of these days. The primary purpose of roof coatings is to "resaturate" old roofs to extend their lifespan. Moreover, it will help create a cooler roof that can resist abrasion from foot traffic and other physical damage it may endure.

Here are the benefits of roof coating systems: 

  1. Seamless Roof

Roof coating systems are monolithic membranes applied across the roof, pipes, hatches, and other elements on the roof. The roof coating fully seals and waterproofs the roof. With that, you can guarantee that your commercial roof will have no seams or patches around areas that are hard to seal.

  1. Cost-Effective

Unbeknownst to some, roof coatings are a cost-effective solution that will provide your roof with additional protection. The coating is applied directly on top of the existing roof, which speeds up the installation time and reduces costs. Because of that, you do not need to tear the existing roof, and you don’t have to pay any landfill fees for waste, either.

  1. Sustainable

Roof coatings are renewable, and you can have your roof re-coated every ten years to extend the lifespan of your roof. Re-coating will also improve its reflectivity and boost its waterproofing capabilities.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Instead of replacing your commercial roof, you can consider a roof coating system if it’s possible. That way, you will reduce your contribution to landfill waste and ultimately help improve the environment. Moreover, most roof coatings have low to zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) and can qualify for the US Green Building Council’s LEED program for Sustainable Sites, Energy and Atmosphere, and Materials and Resources.

  1. Continuous Business Operations

Another considerable advantage of roof coating systems is that you don’t need to pause business operations. This is because the installation process only involves minimal noise and odor, which allows companies to conduct business as usual, with less disruption to employees inside the building.

Compared to roof installation, which can take a few weeks that will cost business owners a tremendous amount of revenue loss, the application of a roof coating can be done alongside normal business operations. With that, roof restoration will be more affordable, less disruptive, and quicker. 

  1. High Reflectivity

Commercial roofs, or generally all types of roofs, must have high reflectivity for that much-needed UV protection. You can get higher reflectivity with roof coatings. They increase the longevity of your roof and reduce your maintenance costs. Aside from that, a highly reflective roof can allow for a more comfortable environment inside the building, which may help lessen the use of air conditioning units, leading to lower energy costs.

If you’re choosing between roof replacement and roof coating, or if you are looking for ways to add more protection to your commercial roof, having it coated is a practical solution that will yield positive results. If you need reliable roof coating services, contact Gulf-Tex Roofing Services today.