7 Signs Your Flat Roof Needs Repairs

7 Signs Your Flat Roof Needs Repairs

How often should you have your commercial roof repaired? How do you know if it needs to be fixed? Do you need a new roof? Commercial roofs are rarely well taken care of. Building owners choose a flat roof then forget about it and still expect the roof to last for decades. As ideal as that sounds, that is not the reality. Your commercial roof may need repairs without you knowing about it. We suggest checking your roof, especially after a strong storm, and watch for these telltale signs that your commercial roof needs repairs.

1 - Rips And Cracks

If there are rips in your EPDM rubber roof or cracks in TPO roof, you should consider getting repairs. Rips and cracks on your roofing material, no matter how small they may seem, mean that the roof is no longer watertight. If that’s the case, your building is not getting the same level of protection from the sun as well as from water. It’s highly likely that your building will soon experience leaks.

2 - Ponding Water

That is the term for the puddles of water that accumulate on your commercial roof after rain. Ponding water on your roof is a sign that your roof’s built-in drainage system is failing. This problem needs to be addressed right away because large amounts of water are nothing but bad news for your commercial roof.

3 - Membranes Waving In The Wind

Older roofing materials or materials that are frequently subjected to strong winds may have slightly lifted membranes. This means that the EPDM rubber roof is not attached tightly, so it’s not protecting your building from the sun and from water. Next time it is windy in your area, check your roof for loose membranes.

4 - Separated Flashing

Roof flashing is an added layer of protection from water. Thus, it plays a crucial role in keeping water from penetrating your building. If even just a part of your roof flashing is detached, that already requires repairs to prevent further damage. Check your roof flashing every now and then to make sure it is still firmly attached to your roof.

5 - Water Spots On Ceilings

Water spots indicate that there is moisture in your ceiling. They could come from condensation from air conditioners, but chances are that they’re due to a leak in your flat roof. It is best to determine the cause of water spots right away as condensation could cause mold while a leaking roof could damage your building’s structure.

6 - Loose Fasteners

Roof fasteners loosen for a number of reasons. Spotting loose fasteners is tough, but a sign that fasteners are loose are bumps on the membrane. Loose fasteners need to be repaired right away as they will soon lead to roof leakage.

7 - Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are easy to spot, and they’re not good for business. If there are leaks in your building, head straight to your roof. You are sure to find some type of damage.

Take care of your commercial roof, and don’t let any problems go unnoticed. Before any of these signs result in major damage to your establishment, contact Gulf-Tex Roofing And Services.