Ask Your Roofer These Questions After A Commercial Roof Inspection

Ask Your Roofer These Questions After A Commercial Roof Inspection

Most professional roofing contractors agree that commercial roofs should be inspected twice a year. One exam needs to occur shortly after winter, while the other can be scheduled during the spring. It is a good idea to have the latter done before the rainy season sets in. Those that put it off for too long could be in for unpleasant surprises, leaks. Drips can damage a building and the belongings inside it.

Then, property owners will find themselves spending cash on replacement items and repairs. Nobody wants that. Hence, proprietors should be sure to get their roofs inspected to ensure they remain in tip-top shape. The action will protect their buildings, assets, and bottom lines. Now that proprietors know why these examinations are so important, let's move onto something else.

It is time to focus on some questions people should think about asking roofers after inspections. Getting the answers will keep them in the loop and give them a better understanding of what's going on with their roofs. So, without further ado, we will move on to the topics. Thus, curious individuals should stick around and read on to learn more.


Can You Take Photos Of The Problem Areas?

Commercial building owners who don't want to take a roofer's word on problems should ask them to provide photo documentation. This will allow them to see the issues for themselves and without having to climb on the roof. Limiting the amount of foot traffic on a covering can prevent damage. Plus, getting up and off the ground can be dangerous. If a person makes one wrong move atop a roof, they could slip, fall, and get hurt.

Just about everyone has a smartphone on them 24/7 these days. Thus, obtaining pictures of problem areas shouldn't be a big deal. Ask your roofer for photos so that you can see the dilemmas for yourself and don't get ripped off.


Is The Roof's Drainage System Adequate?

Rainwater won't drain off properly if a roof's drainage system isn't adequate. Instead, it will pool and stay put, putting excess weight on the top. That can spell big trouble if there is a weak spot, as the roof could cave in. It is also possible for leaks to develop if a drainage system fails to do its intended job. So, ask the roofer about your drains, and if they aren't adequate, find out what needs to be done to protect the structure and belongings inside.


Has The Roof Been Repaired Previously?

There is nothing necessarily wrong with repaired roofs. However, if the same types of repairs are completed, again and again, that could be a sign of an improperly installed roof. Patch after patch may reveal that a total replacement is called for to right the ship, so to speak. Regardless of whether building owners choose to get a roofer to repair or replace their roofs, they should find out what materials they have experience with. The last thing they will want is the best shingle roofer in town working on a modified bitumen roof or vice versa. Schedule your inspection today with Gulf Tex Roofing and Services.