Avoid Roofing Scams With These Helpful Tips

Avoid Roofing Scams With These Helpful Tips

Any Houston area business owner knows that the weather here can change in the blink of an eye. Each day seems to bring something new. Perhaps it is sunny and warm outside, then all of a sudden clouds come rolling in, dumping massive amounts of rain. We aren't strangers to tropical storms or hurricanes either. Strong winds, hail, and heavy downpours can wreak havoc on commercial roofs in a hurry.

Unfortunately, scammers know this, and they will often try to take advantage of business owners after catastrophes. That isn't right, nor is it fair, but it happens. Individuals sometimes get proprietors to pay them so much money up-front, then they never return to job sites. On other occasions, scam artists actually repair roofs, only for them to start leaking again the next time it rains. They don't stand behind their work and won't come back out to fix issues. Heck, the so-called professionals might not even answer their phones when customers call with complaints.

Business owners can get scammed in many different ways by so-called roofers or roofing contractors. That is why our company is sharing these tips. We don't want Houston or surrounding area proprietors to get taken advantage of in their time of need. So, before hiring just anyone to repair or replace your commercial roof, please, keep this advice in mind.


Make Sure The Individual Or Organization Is Licensed And Insured

Things can turn disastrous quickly if an unlicensed or uninsured roofer is allowed to tackle roof repairs. The same can be said for commercial roof replacements. Building owners should always ensure a contractor's license is valid and up-to-date before they touch their roofs. It is also a good idea to ask to see their Certificate of Insurance. People and companies doing things by the book aren't just out to make a quick buck. Rather, most of them are legit and trying to earn honest livings.

Those that collect this information upfront can use it to hold the roofer accountable if something goes amiss. For example, if the person doesn't install the roof correctly, the property owner can file a claim with the insurer to recoup their losses. Do yourself a favor by checking a contractor's license and insurance info the next time your roof needs attention. The minor task can save you a lot of grief in the long run.


Ask About Resources

The last thing anybody wants is for a roofer to start their job and then take forever to finish it. However, that happens more often than one might believe. If a contractor has too many roof replacements lined up at once, they may not have the labor force to handle yours promptly. Meanwhile, if they don't have the materials for your roof on-hand or the money to purchase them, your job could get put on the back-burner while they attempt to raise the cash. The scam comes into play by the roofer telling you a date of completion, only for it to continue getting pushed back and back.


Read Reviews And Ask For References

Customers don't mind sharing their roofing experiences with others. They post them on various websites for all to read. Take some time out of your schedule to research roofers and read reviews before agreeing to anything. Consider asking them for references and contacting their past customers too. This type of information will help you make an informed decision about whether to hire them or not. It will also help prevent you from getting scammed. Contact Gulf Tex Roofing and Services for all of your commercial roofing needs.