Can Houstonians Keep Getting Lucky?

Can Houstonians Keep Getting Lucky?

The experts certainly weren't lying when they said this would be a busy hurricane season. One named storm after another keeps popping up, and there does not seem to be any relief in sight. Somehow, and lucky enough, Houston keeps getting spared from the wind and rain. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for other folks that call Texas home, or Louisiana natives, as Hurricane Laura caused all sorts of destruction there.

First of all, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that has been impacted by these storms. Now, let's move on to the topic at hand. The point is that plenty of tropical depressions, storms, and hurricanes are likely in our futures, and the next one might not bypass our area. Torrential downpours, hail, tornadoes, and 100 mph winds could be headed our way soon. Is your commercial roof prepared to handle the elements?


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It is not a good idea to leave things to chance and just wait to see what happens when roofs are concerned. Business owners can be left with a lot of headaches when going this route. Gulf-Tex Roofing & Services brings over 45 years of combined experience to the table. The technicians know how to spot imperfections that could become troublesome later. The team also handles repairs and total roof replacements, so whatever you need, we have you covered.


Loose Metal Panels Can Be A Recipe For Disaster

Metal roofs have become popular over the years. They can be found on office buildings, dental practices, retail stores, and more. The materials hold up well against wind, rain, sleet, and snow. However, if one or two of the panels are loose, disaster could strike when a named storm rolls into town. The powerful wind gusts can get beneath the pieces and rip them free. Then, there is nothing to stand in the way of the rainwater getting inside the location and ruining everything. Allow us to take a look and make repairs as necessary to ensure your roof is ready for whatever Mother Nature holds in store.

What Shape Are Your Shingles In?

Asphalt shingles are typically reserved for residential applications. However, they are also regularly used on commercial roofs with steep slopes. Over time, the granules on their surfaces can get blown or washed away, leaving them bald. On other occasions, it is not uncommon for shingles to curl at the edges. Heck, the pieces can even get blown away all together when they are not secured correctly. If a building owner begins noticing such signs, it is in their best interest to have their roof inspected sooner rather than later.

 If they wait, wait, and wait some more before taking action, it may be too late when a named storm arrives. The shingles, and perhaps the decking, may not be able to withstand the onslaught of wind and rain. So, get your commercial roof inspected now and avoid future headaches.

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