Can Your Commercial Roof Be Repaired Or Is It Time To Replace It?

Can Your Commercial Roof Be Repaired Or Is It Time To Replace It?

Commercial roofs last a long time if they are properly maintained. Some materials last up to one hundred years. However, for the most part, the average age of a roof is 25-30 years. When your roof starts to lose performance, you may be wondering if it’s time to replace the roof or if the problems can be repaired. Repairing a roof is significantly cheaper than replacement. However, if your roofing system fails, the costs of the damage can be monumental. So it’s an important question to investigate before making a decision.


When It’s Time To Repair Your Commercial Roof


One of the best things you can do for the life of your roof is to hire a commercial roof maintenance company. They’ll do regular roof inspections biannually to check and make sure your roof is still performing at a high level. Working with a service professional can help you repair small problems before they become large problems. This will help extend the life of your roof. Although repairs will become more frequent as time goes on, it will still save you money over time. Commercial roofers will let you know when your roof is past the point of repair.


When It’s Time To Replace Your Commercial Roof


There are several circumstances where repair will not be enough to protect your roof. In those cases, it’s time to consider replacement. Examples of this include:


  • Significant damage from a severe storm
  • Leaks that are getting worse and causing damage to the interior of your building
  • Damage to the structure or substructure
  • Improper installation leading to constant issues
  • Degradation of critical roofing components like flashing


In these cases, a new roof should be installed. Otherwise, the damage will continue to worsen and eventually cause expensive structural damage to the building, damage to your property, and may even risk the health of your staff and visitors.


Can A Commercial Roof Be Restored?


One of the questions commonly asked is whether or not a damaged commercial roof can be restored, rather than replaced. There are some restoration options that include the application of extra coatings. These can help reduce some of the issues you are experiencing and are a good option in the short term. However, they are not a full solution. If your commercial roof is truly damaged, restoration, like repairs will only buy you a little time before replacement. You’re better off investing in a new roof in these cases. 

At Gulf Tex Roofing and Services, our commercial roofing experts can help you determine whether your roof can be repaired or restored or if it’s time for a full replacement. We also offer regular roof inspection and service programs that can help you extend the life of your roof, so that you get the most performance out of your investment. Give us a call to get started. We’ll walk you through all your options and make sure that your roof works to protect your property.