Choosing The Best Time Of Year To Replace Your Commercial Roofing System

Choosing The Best Time Of Year To Replace Your Commercial Roofing System

No matter what your roofing system is made from it has a defined lifespan. Even the most sturdy built roofing systems on the most modern commercial properties won’t last forever, and this means that property management teams or owners need to consider when it’s time to make the commercial roofing replacement decision. A commercial roof replacement is a major job, and making sure its done right is critical to the overall health and safety of your commercial building. You’ll want to screen all the right professionals, choose the right contractor, and choose the right time of year for your replacement to be performed.

The best time to replace your commercial roof is typically in the spring, and this is for a few different reasons. While the spring may still be a little while away, this means that now is the perfect time to begin vetting your professionals and learning more about the commercial roofing replacement process. Typically, commercial roofing systems will last for 20 years or more, so most property managers or business owners will only do this a couple of times throughout their lives. When you feel as though your time to replace the roofing system has come, talk to a professional with years of experience in the field, and get to know the process a bit better so you know you’re making the best decisions for the property.


Why Spring?


While a property owner can have their commercial roofing system replaced during any time of the year, thinking strategically about your roofing replacement is important. A few reasons why most choose the spring season to have their commercial roofing system replaced are:


  • Most ideal temperatures – During the spring season the weather will be warming up, but it won’t be too warm that it makes the job difficult. Typically, deep freezes or extreme heat aren’t a concern throughout the roofing replacement process.


  • Emerging from roofing downtime – Typically the summer and fall months are the busiest for commercial roofing contractors, with winter being the slowest season. A complete commercial roofing replacement is a big job, and opting for the spring allows you to avoid the backlog that one may experience during the busier summer or fall months.


  • Shorter installation time – With the temperate weather and better conditions, professionals are able to work more quickly to install your new roofing system. This shorter installation time means less downtime or disrupted time for your business property.


Taking Care Of Your Roof Replacement When You Need It


During these winter months, you may want to begin thinking about your commercial roofing replacement and you may wish to begin talking with professionals about taking on your job. No matter the time of year you choose, our professionals are here to answer all of your roofing replacement related questions. If you’re interested in having a commercial roofing replacement this spring season, call us at Gulf Tex Roofing and Services