Do I Need To Clean My Commercial Roof?

Do I Need To Clean My Commercial Roof?

Preventative roof maintenance is one of the most important things you can do for the life of your commercial roof. Without a sound, safe, and sturdy roof, the structural integrity of your entire commercial property is put in harm’s way. The main role of your roofing system is to keep the elements out of your commercial space, protecting the people, inventory, and valuable data you have inside. When roofing systems fail, everything you keep in your business and everyone inside is put at risk. Wind, sleet, hail, snow, rain, and extreme heat are all kept safely out of your building thanks to your structurally sound roof.

 One huge part of preventative maintenance is regular roofing inspection and cleaning. Many commercial roofing systems are flat, which means they gather debris and hold on to it in areas that are rarely seen. Unlike the sloped roofing systems on residential homes, which allow gravity to take care of much debris, roofing systems need to be cleaned regularly to ensure they remain in good shape.


What Does Commercial Roof Cleaning Do For My Structure And My Business?


Commercial roof cleaning brings along several benefits, and it’s a worthwhile investment for any business owner looking to keep their property in its best shape. Some of the benefits of commercial roof system cleanings are:


  • Improves the performance of your roof – Your roof doesn’t just keep the elements out; it also helps to keep your business energy-saving and eco-friendly. Clean roofs have a better ability to lower their surface temperatures, and this helps you to save energy on cooling costs. Not only will this improve your eco-sustainability, but it’ll lower your energy costs month to month. By keeping your commercial roofing system clean, you can also help to lighten the load for your HVAC system, which may help to lengthen your HVAC’s lifespan as well.


  • Takes care of potential fire hazards – Leaves and organic debris can find its way onto your roof after any particularly strong windy day. When these bits of debris dry out, they can act as virtual kindling should any source of fire make its way onto your roof. Cleaning this debris from your roofing system can help to eliminate these fire hazards before they add to potential devastation.


  • Exposes damages early – When vegetation, debris, mildew, moss, or other pollutants take over your roofing system, they can hide serious roofing issues hiding underneath. By opting for a commercial roof cleaning, you can expose these damages early and have them repaired before they lead to a complete roofing system failure.


Professional Cleaning For Your Commercial Roof


Commercial roofing system cleaning should only be carried out by trained and knowledgeable professionals. Opting to do this job yourself could lead to serious injury or damage to your roofing system, leaving you in a worse position than you would’ve been in had you simply left the debris. If you’re looking for a professional commercial roofing contractor to take care of your roof, call us at Gulf Tex Roofing and Services today.