Does Your Commercial Roof Need An Inspection?

Does Your Commercial Roof Need An Inspection?

Has it been a while since you’ve last had a professional inspection performed on your commercial roofing system? Too many commercial property and business owners fail to have their roofing systems inspected often enough, and this can lead to much larger and more expensive problems down the road. Regular inspections ensure that your commercial roof gets the most from its lifespan, and that repairs can be made in the most cost effective way possible. When a commercial roofing system issue is allowed to go unchecked, it will continue to break down, leading to far more expensive repairs and even the possibility of a premature roofing system replacement.

Inspections work to catch these damages early, and to ensure that your roof doesn’t experience a roofing system failure or more serious repairs. If you’re wondering if your commercial roofing system requires an inspection, it likely does.


Signs You Need An Inspection


Not remembering when your last inspection was, or knowing that it was several months ago, is usually reason enough to schedule a new professional roofing inspection. A few other signs that you may need to schedule a commercial roofing inspection with a professional roofing contractor are:


  • Your roof is getting older – While you may have opted for twice yearly inspections a decade ago, it might be time to up that number as your roof gets a bit older. Older roofing systems are more likely to experience damage and the need for repair, as your roofing system as a whole may not be as sturdy as it once was when it was freshly installed. If you used to opt for twice yearly inspections ten years ago, it might be time to schedule inspections once per season until your roofing system is once again replaced.


  • You notice growth – Algae and other vegetation isn’t a normal part of your roof, so if you notice it it’s likely time to have a professional assess the situation. While these aren’t as common during the winter months, it may be something you see as the weather begins to warm up in the spring.


  • Granules in your rainwater – If you notice the rainwater coming from your gutters is a bit “grittier” than it should be, your first call should be to your commercial roofing contractor. Finding granules in your gutters or rainwater is a sign that your roofing system is breaking down and weakening over time. A weak roofing system can be more likely to take on serious damage and should be repaired without delay.



Keeping Your Roof In Its Best Shape


With regular inspections, you can keep your commercial roof in its best shape, giving you peace of mind that it will work hard for you when you need it the most. If you haven’t scheduled a commercial roofing inspection lately, you’re not alone, but you don’t have to put the job off any longer. For more information on professional commercial roofing inspection, contact us at Gulf Tex Roofing and Services today.