Four Reasons You Should Never Ignore Ponding Water On Your Commercial Roof

Four Reasons You Should Never Ignore Ponding Water On Your Commercial Roof

There are many things that can damage your flat roof. One of the most common is ponding water. Although flat roofs are called flat, they are actually slightly sloped to help drain the water. If a roof is aging, damaged, or improperly installed, then rainwater will start to pool on the roof. Pooling water can lead to a lot of issues. So if you see any ponding water you need to have your roof inspected by a commercial roofing professional to identify the cause of the pooling water and fix the problem before it becomes a serious issue. Here are the four main reasons that you should never ignore ponding water.


  1. Ponding Water Can Cause Leaks


The number one issue ponding water can cause is leaks. As the ponding water sits on the roof, it will begin to degrade or corrode the roof material. As the roof material is damaged, holes, tears, and splits can form providing water with an entry point into your building. Further, water is impacted by gravity, so it will find a place to go. Oftentimes it will begin to drain into an existing entry point in your roof. In either case, ponding water must be cleared before it causes significant damage to your property.


  1. Ponding Water Attracts Pests


Animals need freshwater to live. Ponding water gives them a water source. Ponding water attracts all kinds of pests from rodents to birds to insects. These pests can bring other issues like disease and can cause structural damage. Keeping pests away is crucial to the health and safety of your property. Preventing and addressing pooling water is crucial.


  1. Ponding Water Leads To Discoloration


Pooling water is not just water. It also holds pollution, dirt, and minerals. When these things sit for long periods on a surface, especially in a corrosive liquid like water, they can begin to stain. As the pooling water dries you could be left with either dark black stains, rust-colored stains, and white stains depending on your roofing material. This doesn’t just impact the functionality and sturdiness of your roof material, it also creates a very unattractive look.


  1. Ponding Water Leads To Vegetation Growth


Pests aren’t the only living creation that pooling water will attract. Seeds and spores are carried by the wind and are transported by animals like birds. When these seeds and spores land on your roof, they will begin to grow if there is a water source. In most causes vegetative growth is simply unattractive. However, sometimes it can be something harmful like mold that can risk the safety of your building.


These are just four of the reasons why you should always address pooling water on your roof. If you find water is starting to collect and pool on your roof, contact Gulf Tex Roofing and Services. Our professional roofing team will inspect your roof and diagnose the underlying causes of the ponding water. We will then put together a strategy to fix the issue and any damage it caused. We’ll also work to prevent it in the future. To learn more, give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer any questions and schedule an appointment.