Get Your Roof Ready For A New Year

Get Your Roof Ready For A New Year

With the arrival of spring, the temperature is warming up, and it’s time for an end to the winter blues. However, for Texas, this has been a winter like no other,  with a historic storm that ravaged the state. Usually, for this region, the biggest threats to a building are hail damage, but things are different this year.

Between the pandemic and the visible signs of climate change on the weather, the typical commercial roof has its work cut out for it. But with the state reopening and things getting ready to return to business as usual, you have to ask yourself if your roof is prepared for the changes. Here’s what you should be doing in preparation for a new season and a new year.


Get An Inspection


This is critical this year since the state has had unprecedented weather events that most people and organizations were unprepared to cope with. Beyond the obvious crises like the lack of electricity and heating, the storm also did physical damage to buildings.

If the storm damaged your roof, you might not immediately know it, but you’ll find out eventually as that damage spreads. The best way to prevent this is to be proactive. Hire professionals to come and evaluate your roof. Wind damage, hail damage, and even damage from animals may have left your roof vulnerable.


Clean Gutters & Drains


Water is one of the chief vehicles of slow but widespread damage. But water damage only occurs if the water is not efficiently removed from a roof. For sloped roofs, a gutter system manages this, but a drain system is usually in place for flat roofs.

In both cases, these systems rely on clear flow and gravity to do the work. But if there’s any blockage in the channels, the water remains and pools, increasing the chances of a leak and damage. Check your gutters and drains to ensure they are clear to handle things like storms and even spring melts. Leaves, moss, and even nesting from birds can all interfere with the clear drainage of water, and these should be cleared out.


Check For Leaks


In tandem with managing the flow of water, it’s also essential to check for leaks. This is where water damage can be the most widespread. If you don’t know about a leak—or leaks—in your roof, then every time it rains or the snow melts, water penetrates your building.

Once the water makes contact with parts of the building, such as load-bearing beams, or it gets into delicate components, such as insulation, it can slowly weaken or cripple these systems. Wet insulation, for example, doesn’t do its intended job of managing hot or cold air. A damp crawlspace can be a breeding ground for mold, which can pose a severe health threat.

So if you’re wondering whether your roof is still in good shape for the year, this is where we can help. Contact Gulf Tex Roofing & Services. We can inspect your roof and conduct any maintenance required. We can nip small problems in the bud and warn you of more significant issues that are at risk.