How Much Will A New Commercial Roof Cost My Business?

How Much Will A New Commercial Roof Cost My Business?

The most frequent question we are asked is what a new commercial roof will cost. There is no standard pricing for a new roof. Instead, the cost of a new commercial roof is determined by a variety of factors. These factors all impact the cost of materials, the amount of labor, or if specialized equipment is needed. Understanding the factors that impact the cost of a new roof to help you start determining your budget. Here are the biggest factors that determine roofing cost:


  1. The Square Footage Of Your Roof


The size of your commercial roof has a big impact on cost. The first thing a roofing expert does when they work on building a quote is measuring the square footage of your roof. Roofs that are larger require more materials than smaller roofs. Therefore, a larger roof costs more than a smaller roof.


  1. The Slope Of Your Roof


Square footage isn’t the only factor when it comes to physical structure. The slope of your roof also impacts the cost. Roofs with steep slopes cost more because they require extra steps to ensure the roofing team is safe. They also can require specialized tools and materials for proper installation. Thus the steeper the slope of your roof, the more money it will cost for a roof replacement.


  1. The Material You Choose


There are so many options when it comes to commercial roofing. These options come in a range of pricing. If you opt to go with metal, you are going to pay a high figure. That is because metal roofing is extremely durable and can last around 70 years. While a cheaper material like asphalt is easier to install, it only lasts a maximum of 20 years with excellent maintenance.


  1. The Existing Roofing


Before you can install a new roof, the old roof must first be removed. Some roofing materials are extremely time consuming and labor intensive to remove. The disposal costs of the old roof can also increase the price. In general replacing an older roof is much more expensive than installing a brand new roof because of these factors.


  1. Additional Features


Roofing systems are more than just the physical roof. There’s a lot of components needed to direct the flow of water, provide ventilation, and prevent pests. If any of these components need a replacement that can also add to the costs of the roof. However, these are not items to skip. They are necessary to keep your building secure.

All of these factors impact the costs of a new roof. Although no two roof jobs cost the same, you can still learn what a new roof will cost by working with Gulf Tex Roofing and Services. Our team will come out and measure your roof, discuss your material options, and help you guide you through anything else required for your new roof. We will then put together a comprehensive price quote so you can get an idea of what it will cost. Give us a call today to get started!