How To Choose A Commercial Roof

How To Choose A Commercial Roof

The way the working world and the economy operate in America today is very different. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we run schools, and some businesses like restaurants have been severely affected, while others find new ways to cope.

If you have a business that still operates in a physical establishment, it’s more important than ever to maintain it, especially the roof. Every roof, be it commercial or residential, has a fixed lifespan. This means that, eventually, you will have to repair or even replace it entirely. If you’re replacing a roof, or if you’re having a new building constructed, here are a few of the considerations you need to remember as you choose a roof and the materials that will be used to build it.

Purpose Of The Building

The top factor you should keep in mind right from the planning phase is how the commercial property will be used. A commercial property meant to house an office or a retail business such as an electronics store, for example, is not going to have the same requirements as an industrial space where hazardous work may be done.

The insulation types, ventilation, and construction techniques you require will vary, depending on the building’s ultimate function. Always let its purpose guide you on your material and construction choices.


This has a direct correlation with the location. Geography plays an essential role in the type of weather experienced within a region. This can even vary within a single state, as with Texas where while areas like El Paso regularly receive a few inches of snowfall, other parts of the state barely get any snow.

Take the weather into account. For instance, not building a roof that can withstand frequent downpours in a region where torrential rains often fall will only lead to extra maintenance costs or an early roof replacement. Whatever the weather in the area where your building is, make sure the roof is built for it.

The Budget

While making plans is always recommended, there are certain factors of reality that can’t be ignored, such as finances. Different roofing materials will have different costs. In a perfect world, every business would be able to choose the premium solution regardless of the price, but that’s not the way it is for the majority of fiscally responsible businesses.

This is why it’s essential, especially in the planning stage, to look at the budget you are willing to allocate for roof work. It’s also critical to plan for contingencies. Don’t assume that any project is going to be executed perfectly. Give yourself some room to maneuver financially for the unexpected so that you can accommodate changes or additional work. It’s not too surprising, for example, to find that an older, neglected building requires more work than you were expecting based on an initial inspection.

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