Improve Your Commercial Roof's Longevity With These Fall Tasks

Improve Your Commercial Roof's Longevity With These Fall Tasks

Some people tell others to blink if they don't like the weather in Texas. Things go from hot to cold, rainy to stormy, and lukewarm to freezing in these parts in a hurry. Heck, we have had a tropical storm, scorching temps, and now a cold front within the past couple of weeks. That is enough to get people sick, but that is a discussion for another day. Commercial roofs in Houston face harsh conditions year-round. Summer has finally given way to fall, and it is a good idea for property owners to get in a little maintenance.

Many people will take do-it-yourself approaches, and that is fine. They should be careful while doing so, though, to ensure that they don't fall through the roofs or off the building. Either scenario could leave folks with severe injuries, and nobody wants that. Additionally, people who do not have experience maintaining commercial roofs may overlook issues and find themselves in trouble later with leaks galore.

Don't fret if you are not a DIYer. Instead, contact our office and let us look after your roof. The team will keep the covering in tip-top shape and improve its longevity. Here are some of the tasks that should be done each fall, at least where a commercial roof is concerned.


Clear The Drainage System Of Debris

A roof's drainage system can get clogged by all sorts of stuff. Leaves, pine needles, acorns, pecans, and more can build up and create dams. Therefore, whatever debris has landed on your roof to this point should be cleared away to prevent drain stoppages and pooling. Allowing puddles of water to remain on a roof is just asking for problems. If there is a weak seam, slight hole, or another blemish, the H2O could find its way inside the building and cause quite the mess.


Inspect Roof Penetrations

It is not uncommon for plumbing and electrical pipes to penetrate flat roofs. Then again, some structures often have other penetrations, too, such as skylights. Regardless of what items are going through coverings, the seals around them need to be checked in the fall. Failing to investigate these areas can turn into a nightmare. If problems are not addressed accordingly, leaks can develop. Big or small, nobody wants commercial roof drips. They can ruin equipment, building materials, products, and more. So, be sure to inspect your roof penetrations, or have them examined before long.


Look For Damage

Texas is no stranger to strong wind gusts. They come during torrential downpours and on sunny days. The winds often cause tree limbs and branches to break and fall onto commercial roofs. They also topple signs, antennas, and satellites installed on top of the coverings. If people regularly walk around on your roof, that can leave behind damage too. Fall is an excellent time to look for problems and make repairs as necessary. The actions ensure that your place is ready for winter, even if the season isn't all that cold or rainy this year.

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