Is Your Commercial Roof Suffering From Sun Damage?

Is Your Commercial Roof Suffering From Sun Damage?

The sun can pack quite a bit of heat. While sun damage to your skin might be something you’re well aware of, are you as well-informed of what the sun may be doing to your commercial roof? Just like snow and ice in the winter, and hail or strong winds during stormy days, the sun could be doing quite a bit of damage to the structure and soundness of your commercial roof. The best way to determine the level of sun damage your roof may be experiencing is to opt for a professional inspection with a trusted commercial roofing company. 

During these hot summer months, the sun sits higher and hotter than any other time of the year. Additionally, these sunny days are longer and stronger, which means your roof is seeing quite a bit of abuse as the summer days tick by. 

Types Of Roof Damage Caused By The Sun 

Both commercial and residential roofs can be subjected to sun damage. However, with residential roofing systems, there are often shade and angles that can help take some of the edges off. With commercial roofing systems, however, it’s typically all sun all the time. The sun damages your roof in several different ways, and a few of these are the following: 

1. Bleaching – Photobleaching occurs in commercial roofing systems when the UV rays of the sun suck the color from the surface. In some instances, you may notice the color of your commercial roof changing over time. Perhaps at one point, it was a dark black, but these days it’s beginning to look a bit grayer. If you allow the roof to continue to be photobleached, that gray will become lighter and lighter. Photobleached roofing systems are a telltale sign of a sun-damaged roof. 

2. Crumbling – While the sun sucks the color from your roof, it’s also sucking out the natural moisture of the materials. This can lead to crumbling, and a crumbling roof is sorely in need of repair or replacement. 

3. Warping – Warping can be seen when parts of your commercial roof begin to grow misshapen. You might notice some portions of your roof or roofing shingles taking on more of a “C” shape instead of a flat shape, and warped roofing isn’t a problem that will go away on its own. Warping can be caused by a myriad of different circumstances, and one of them is prolonged exposure to heat and UV rays. 

Taking Care Of Those Summer Roofing Consequences 

Whether your roofing system is beginning to look a little lighter or you’re noticing crumbling pieces here and there, you should notify a professional roofing company straight away. Part of summer roofing care is making sure you stay on top of what the sun may be doing to your roof during these hot months. If you’re in need of a summer inspection to check on your commercial roof, call us at Gulf-Tex Roofing and Services to find out what we can do for you today.