Is Your Commercial Roofing System Prepared For Fall?

Is Your Commercial Roofing System Prepared For Fall?

Fall may not be here quite yet, but it will be hitting the region before we know it. As summer winds down to a close, the summer concerns you may have had regarding your commercial roofing system will come to a close as well. This does not mean that your roof is off the hook, only that you will need to transition your thought process from summer roof care to autumn roof care to match the weather outside. The best time to prepare your commercial roofing system for fall is before the season really sets in, like during these late summer transitional months.

 While the fall season may not have the ice storms of winter or the strong thunderstorms and blazing sun of summertime, it does come along with its own risks to your commercial roofing system. Taking charge of your preventative maintenance is your ticket to ensuring that your roofing system remains safe and secure all throughout the fall season. Preventative maintenance does not just prepare your roof for falling leaves and debris but also catches any issues in the early stages before cooler weather can do its damage.


Preventative Maintenance For Your Commercial Roofing System


Preventative maintenance can seem like a general term, but the processes involved varies depending on the season. When it comes to roof preventative maintenance for autumn, the services you may require from your professional roofing contractor are as follows:


  • Conduct An Inspection – The first step in preventative maintenance should be running a complete and thorough inspection with the help of a professional roofing contractor. This inspection will look at all the parts of your roof and assess any roofing damage or weak spots that need to be addressed to ensure your roof remains in excellent condition. A roofing inspection performed every season should come before any other preventative maintenance task.


  • Check For Standing Water – Your professional roofing contractor will check all around your roof for signs of standing water. This is done to clean up excess moisture that may be present on your roof and figure out why the water is accumulating in the first place. Allowing standing water to remain on your roofing system can weaken your roof’s structure, making leaks and roofing system failure an eventual inevitability.


  • Checking For Deteriorating Sealants – Next, the sealants used on your roof will be inspected for any deterioration so you can be sure that you have a strong seal before fall weather begins to take hold. Without inspection and repair, your sealant can continue to degrade, creating the perfect environment for leaks and mold growth.


Taking All The Preventative Measures You Need


If you follow all of those preventative measures in order to maintain your roof, you can expect your commercial building to stay sturdy during the fall season. Finding the right roofing contractor is crucial to a positive experience, and we have just what you need if you are looking for a professional roofing company you can trust. To have experts handle roof preventative maintenance work for you, contact Gulf-Tex Roofing and Services today.