Keeping Animals and Birds Away from Your Commercial Roof

Keeping Animals and Birds Away from Your Commercial Roof

Wildlife is everywhere, and that includes your commercial roofing system. However, when animals and birds find their way to your roof and begin to make a nest or home up there, then it can be significantly damaging to your commercial roofing system.

Here are some ways you can keep animals and birds away from your commercial roof to avoid costly damage.

Cut Back Trees and Other Foliage

If you have trees growing next to the building or other overgrown foliage, it should be trimmed down regularly. Trimming down trees and foliage next to the building can be a great deterrent and help keep birds and animals off your commercial roof.

When there are overhanging branches, it is a lot easier for animals to find their way there. The plants, trees, and overgrown foliage act as a bridge for small animals.

Replace Missing Tiles or Shingles

If your commercial roof has tiles or shingles that are missing or in disrepair, it is time to replace and repair this damage. When there are missing tiles, birds may see this gap as an opportunity to make a nest. This is also why it is so important to check for damage to the roof following a storm as well. The roof should be regularly inspected to keep it in tip-top shape.

Purchase a Model Hawk

Yes, we're serious. While it may seem funny to you to buy a model hawk or owl to sit on your roof, it actually works as a great deterrent for birds and other small animals. It keeps them from landing on your commercial roof. Hawks are predators to these small animals and prey on squirrels, rats, and others that may threaten your roofing system.

If the animals see the model hawk on the roof, they will stay clear because it is territory claimed by their predator. When choosing a model hawk, find something that also goes with your building's aesthetics but is also realistic enough to do its job.

Roofing Guards

Another way to keep birds and other small animals from taking up residence on your commercial roof is by investing in roofing guards. There are other deterrents you can use on the roof to keep them away as well, including bird spikes and high-frequency noise deterrents.

Speak with the Professionals

Still looking for ways to keep birds and small animals away from your commercial roof? Don't hesitate to contact the experts at Gulf Tex Roofing and Services. They can advise you on the best course of action and can help you schedule any repairs that may be needed.

With regular roof maintenance and inspections and the right deterrents in place, you can keep birds and small animals from causing costly damage to your commercial roofing system. Don't wait until it is too late.