Know Where To Turn For Help After A Hurricane Damages Your Commercial Roof

Know Where To Turn For Help After A Hurricane Damages Your Commercial Roof

This year's Atlantic Hurricane Season has been busy, to say the very least. Right now, Texas is facing threats from Marco and Laura. Only time will tell if the named storms will hit the Lone Star State or not, but most news stations reveal they are headed our way. With any luck, they won't be like Hurricane Harvey or Tropical Storm Imelda. Still, though, anytime these natural disasters strike, they usually leave behind plenty of destruction in their paths.


Floodwaters can ruin cars and homes. Unfortunately, people can also drown in floods. We only have a few days before Laura is set to arrive, so hopefully, you have prepared accordingly and can stay safe. The remainder of this article will now focus on commercial roof issues that could arise from the strong winds and rain. Don't fret if your roof is a mess following a hurricane. Instead, give us a call, schedule a consultation, and allow our team to get the cover back into tip-top shape.

A Little Bit About Gulf-Tex Roofing And Services

Our organization brings a combined 45-years of commercial roofing and maintenance experience to the table. Clients who choose us get friendly, professional, and trustworthy service. Additionally, we have affordable rates. After all, commercial building owners shouldn't have to break the bank on consultations, repairs, or total roof replacements. So, if a natural disaster leaves your commercial roof in a dire state, please, don't hesitate to give us a call.


Missing Tin/Metal

When a storm produces wind gusts of 60, 70, 80, or more miles-per-hour, shingles on residential houses can get blown away. The same thing can happen to commercial buildings with metal roofs. Single pieces can be uplifted and pulled back, looking as if someone used a giant can opener on them. On other occasions, the metal flies, where if people are lucky, they can find the pieces a few blocks away. Whatever the case might be, our team can get your commercial building fixed up in a jiffy.


A Punctured Or Sliced Membrane

Elastic membrane materials are often used on commercial roofs. There is certainly nothing wrong with them, as they are sturdy, strong, and stand up well against the elements. However, when a hurricane rolls into town with high winds, trouble is usually not far behind. For example, if a stop sign becomes airborne, it could land on a commercial roof, slicing and puncturing it along the way. The tears and holes can allow rainwater to get inside the building. Once there, it can ruin office equipment, building materials, and more.

These are only a few things that could go wrong with a commercial roof following a hurricane. There are plenty more issues where these came from, though. Just know that no matter what happens to your commercial roof, we have your back.

Contact Gulf Tex Roofing and Services to fix your roof after a tropical storm leaves it beaten and battered.