Leaves And Your Commercial Roofing System

Leaves And Your Commercial Roofing System

When you think about debris damage on your commercial roofing system, what do you think of first? Branches? Sticks? Litter that may have blown upwards from the road or been left behind by employees? What about vegetation or animal remains? While all of these can pose risks to your roof, there is another far more common debris culprit that too few pay close enough attention to. With summer winding down quickly into fall, you’ll begin to see leaves littering sidewalks and roadways all across America, and they’re not bypassing your roof.

Leaves can gather and accumulate on flat commercial roofing systems with ease. While leaves aren’t likely to create impact damage, break skylights, or grow into your HVAC system, they can do some damages all their own. Leaves aren’t a “non-issue” when it comes to your roofing system, and it’s something that every business owner should consider when they evaluate how prepared their property is for the fall season. You wouldn’t leave leaves piling up on your yard or on your sidewalk, and you shouldn’t allow them to pile up on your commercial roofing system either.



What Can Leaves Do To Your Commercial Roofing System?


Leaves are lightweight, they disintegrate, and they’re natural, so what can go wrong? Leaves left to accumulate on your commercial roofing system can cause a number of different important to address roofing issues:


  • Roof rotting issues – Leaves know how to hold on to moisture, and when they’re on your roof, they’ll hold onto that moisture while resting on the surface of your property’s roofing system. This can lead to premature rotting of your roofing materials underneath, leading to roofing system weakening. With a weak roof surface, you could find yourself with serious damages rapidly.


  • Bring along pests – Leaves don’t always come alone, and some pests can be common hitchhikers on leaves falling from trees and onto roofing systems. These pests can then make their way into your property leading to infestations requiring the assistance of an exterminator.


  • Leaks – When leaves are particularly wet, and that moisture causes a breakdown of your roofing system components, some of that water may begin seeping inside. These leaks will then need to be addressed in the form of a roofing replacement or repair, as well as mold and moisture remediation inside.


Taking Care Of Autumn Leaves


While leaves may be beautiful to look at during the autumn season, they have no place on your commercial roof. A good idea is to remove any trees that may be leading to leaf accumulation on your commercial roof, and to opt for professional roofing inspections and cleanings with each season to ensure your roof remains free of leaves and other debris. The right commercial roofing professionals will leave you confident that your roof is ready for fall, for winter, and for all seasons of the year. If you’re looking to clear your roof of leaves or prepare your roofing system for fall, contact us at Gulf Tex Roofing and Services today.