Prevent Commercial Roof Leaks With These Tips

Prevent Commercial Roof Leaks With These Tips

Roof leaks can be nightmares for business owners. When rainwater gets inside their buildings, it can cause plenty of destruction. For starters, drips can leave ceiling tiles sopping wet, causing them to crumble, break, and fall to the floor. Leaks leave carpeting soggy, wood floors buckling, and drywall stained. Meanwhile, when moisture and humid conditions enter the picture, mold/mildew growth can occur, which nobody wants.

If those substances begin to grow on surfaces, proprietors will have to call in specialists to remove them. They have the tools and know-how to rid workplaces of mold. However, the services can cost a pretty penny. Thus, it is best to keep your commercial roof in tip-top shape to prevent the fungus from coming to fruition in the first place. Roof leaks and electricity don't mix. If drips land on junction boxes or light fixtures, they sometimes short out.

Sparks can ignite, and flames can erupt because of the events. As anyone can see, roof leaks are big no-nos. Proprietors must take care of their roofs to ensure that no harm comes to their buildings. Failing to do so could result in them having to pay out-of-pocket for expensive repairs. The following sections will focus on several preventative maintenance tips. Hence, interested individuals should read on to learn more. 


Remove Debris From Roofs

It is not uncommon for commercial roofs to hold air conditioning units and other pieces of equipment. Those items need to be serviced from time to time. However, when people work on them, they sometimes leave behind tools, trash, and more. It is essential to remove such pieces, as they can form dams and prevent drainage. The articles might also puncture or slice elastic membranes. Standing water and blemishes cause leaks. So, make sure all debris is removed from your commercial roof promptly. The action can save you a lot of headaches and grief in the long run.


Schedule Inspections To Check Seams And Flashings

Business owners will find it in their best interest to have commercial roofs inspected by professional roofers quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The contractors check seams and flashings to see if they are showing signs of failure. If the items start to separate or come loose, proprietors could be in for big surprises when water begins pouring through their ceilings. The representatives make repairs as needed to fix small issues before they become significant.

Roofing contractors also perform low-pressure cleanings of the surfaces as necessary. In doing so, they remove organic debris, which can be problematic, from them. Don't delay and leave things to chance. Instead, contact our office to schedule your commercial roof inspection today.


Keep Gutters Clean

On many occasions, commercial buildings have gutter systems. They allow rainwater to drain from the roofs and prevent ponding. However, if leaves, dirt, sticks, and more accumulate inside the channels, there is nowhere for the water to go. Gutters need to be cleaned regularly to keep the H2O flowing after storms. In turn, it will drain off and prevent pooling from occurring, which can lead to leaks.

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