Protecting Your Commercial Roof From The Summer Heat

Protecting Your Commercial Roof From The Summer Heat

With summer already upon us, we see extreme levels of heat that can ultimately cause significant damage to any commercial roofing system. This is why regular roof inspections are so important. When you aren't prepared for possible problems, serious damage can arise and weaken your roofing system in the long run. 

Summer Roof Issues

If you don’t take preventive measures, the following are just a few of the summer heat issues you may end up worrying about when it comes to your commercial roofing system.

Cracks, Blisters, And Other Damage To The Membrane

The summer heat can cause your commercial roof to expand, and this can ultimately result in the cracking or blistering of the shingles and roofing materials. Eventually, this may lead to leaks.

The hot sun causes the roofing materials to expand, and as it cools down toward evening and the rest of the night, the roofing materials then begin to contract. This constant expansion and contraction can put a lot of stress and wear and tear on your roofing system.

Pressure On Fasteners And Seams

The heat during the summer can also put a lot of pressure on the fasteners and seams of your roof, partly due to the expansion and contraction of the roofing materials. The fasteners and seams begin to move around and shift with these actions, and small amounts of pressure begin to build up over time. Seams can then pop out of place, come loose, and affect the stability of your entire roofing system.

Moisture Buildup

Commercial building owners typically use their HVAC systems a lot more during the hot summer months as well. Using the system this way can cause excess moisture to start accumulating. 

A lot of HVAC systems are located on the roof of the building, so that is where the moisture buildup will be. With this moisture comes algae growth and other water problems that can cause significant damage to the roof.

What Can You Do?

So what are the things you can do to protect your commercial roof during the hot summer? 

If you have a metal roof, you can paint it with reflective paint or coating to protect it from the heat. A built-up roof with a tar and gravel combination can be given a UV-resistant white mineral fiberglass surface or coating. A roof coating for other roof types is also recommended. Reflective and protective coatings can offer cool roof performance.

Additionally, roof inspections should be performed on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in good shape and that there are no needed repairs. 

For more information on what you can do to protect your commercial roofing system, contact the experts at Gulf-Tex Roofing and Services today. Our team would be glad to provide you with the top-notch roofing solutions you are looking for.