Roof Blisters: What They Are And How To Deal With Them

Roof Blisters: What They Are And How To Deal With Them

The roof of a commercial building is constantly exposed to different weather conditions and other external factors. Because of this, various complications can arise during the course of its life span. One of these issues is the occurrence of roof blisters.


What They Are


Generally, roof blisters can appear in any type of roofing system. However, those with roof membranes are more prone to experience blistering. That is because these issues usually form due to gaps between the membrane and the substrate or plies. 


To put it simply, a roof blister is a raised surface that allows moisture to get inside the roofing system. When adhesion between layers is lost, air or water gets trapped in the membrane. This air or water fills up the gaps and creates bubble-like protrusions.


Common causes of blistering include moisture due to loss of adhesion, poor ventilation, and improper roof installation.


If left untreated, roof blisters can become bigger and cause extensive damage. It is important to work with commercial roofing experts when you suspect blistering.


Prevention Tips


The best way to prevent a commercial roof from blistering is ensuring the proper roof installation. Always choose a reliable roofing contractor. 


Another tip to prevent further damage is by controlling foot traffic, especially when the weather is warmer. You have to be extra careful once you notice areas with blisters as they can break open when someone accidentally walks over them. That could expose the surface to other elements and cause further damage.


Lastly, regular maintenance is a must. Make sure to keep your commercial roof clean to prevent algae or moss growth. You should also ensure that there are no pools of water on the surface. You can work with a service provider for preventative maintenance.


Dealing with Roof Blistering


When it comes to roof repairs, it is always best to leave it to commercial roofing experts. Avoid trying DIY fixing as it may cause more harm than good. Mistakes can lead to further damage that requires more expensive solutions.


Once you find a roof blister, you have to leave it untouched until a professional roofer arrives. Do not touch a blister or place weight on it.


You should also contact an expert as soon as you can. No matter how small it may be, have it repaired immediately. It may seem insignificant, but waiting too long to get it fixed can cause serious issues.


Aside from a blister, a commercial roof may experience other roofing issues. Regular inspections and cleaning can help protect you from huge expenses. You can also entrust these tasks to professionals if you want a more thorough job.


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