Three Ways Pooling Water Damages Your Commercial Roof

Three Ways Pooling Water Damages Your Commercial Roof

Even flat commercial roofs are designed with a slight slope because pooling water is one of the most destructive things to your building. Pooling water after rain or a heavy storm adds weight and pressure that can lead to your roof degrading, especially if they are inch or more deep because it’s harder for the water to evaporate. 

Pooling water can also lead to leaks over time. Protecting your commercial roof from pooling water is critical to maintain the structural integrity of your building. However, there are also other forms of damage that pooling water can cause. They can be just as costly if they are not taken care of immediately by a roofing professional. 

  1. Pooling Water Leads To Vegetation Growth

Pooling water may result in the growth of vegetation. Seeds and spores carried by the wind can find their way onto your roof and begin to sprout. Vegetation is a big problem for commercial roofs. Mold and algae can cause issues like allergies and asthma, while other plants such as weeds and grass can lead to the accumulation of debris. That debris can then clog drains and vents, causing more problems to your roof and your building’s air flow. Removing pooling water removes the risk of vegetative growth.

  1. Pooling Water Attracts Pests 

Pests such as rodents and insects as well as birds like pigeons need water to thrive. Pooling water attracts these creatures, and they end up making nests on your property. Furthermore, many of them do not just stay on the roof. Insects and rodents in particular will enter your commercial building and cause damage. 

Furthermore, all of these pests are known to spread illness, and their feces can leave unpleasant smells and an unattractive sight. By cutting off their water supply, these creatures will not be able to thrive on your roof.

  1. Pooling Water Causes Discoloration

Water is corrosive and will wear through the roofing material. The start of this process causes discoloration. Discoloration makes your commercial property look rundown, which can damage your company’s image. 

Discoloration is unsightly, and it can also impact the functionality of your roof. Roofing materials are designed to mitigate the heat from the sun’s rays. One of the ways a roof does this is by using the color spectrum to either reflect or absorb this heat. Areas that experience discoloration stop providing this function, which could lead to an increase in your heating and cooling expenses. In order to ensure that your commercial roof functions optimally, you need to prevent discoloration due to pooling water.

At Gulf Tex Roofing and Services, we can address your pooling water issues. We won’t just remove the excess water but also find the root cause of the pooling. Afterward, we’ll put together an affordable strategy to deal with the problem and repair the existing damage it has caused. If your commercial roof is experiencing pooling, give us a call before the water starts causing extensive damage.