Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Roof Guarantee

Tips for Choosing the Best Commercial Roof Guarantee

When you own a commercial building, one of your responsibilities is making sure that the roof performs as it should and for as long as it is supposed to. To do this, it is important to have the best commercial roof guarantee in place. Not only does it protect your investment, but it also helps cover any commercial roofing problems that may arise.

Estimating a Commercial Roof Guarantee

It can sometimes be difficult to estimate the value of a manufacturer's guarantee on a roofing system because you need to understand what is included and what is excluded under the guarantee. Choosing the right guarantee starts with understanding which coverages should be considered a priority.

Tips for Choosing

To help you choose the best commercial roof guarantee, we have compiled a list of tips to help you.

Terms and Conditions

This is important. You always need to read through the terms and conditions that are attached to the roof guarantee. Many factors could ultimately invalidate or reduce the guarantee. Some of these factors include severe weather, building use changes, or inadequate roof maintenance, along with anything that may go beyond typical roof wear and tear.

The Coverage Length

You also need to know how long the coverage is for. Some of the higher-end manufacturers offer guarantees that extend up to 35 years, while others may only last for five to ten years at most.


What is covered under the guarantee? Will the guarantee only cover defects, or does it also include workmanship? You also need to find out if the guarantee covers any materials the roof will need.

Read Between the Lines

You need to set time aside to read through the guarantee thoroughly. If you don't understand the terminology or what is included in the terms and conditions, then find out. Don't agree to anything you don't quite understand.

A commercial roof is a large investment, and you want to be sure you are doing everything you possibly can as a business owner to guarantee that your investment is covered.

Understand Your Obligations

Finally, you need to understand your obligations as well, so you can get as much possible out of your commercial roof guarantee. This means keeping up with regular roof maintenance and inspections.

These are often required to maintain the coverage you have on the roofing system. Some manufacturers may even offer an extension on the guarantee if you have followed through with the inspections and maintenance.

So, next time you invest in a commercial roofing system, make sure to read between the lines and ensure that you are getting the right guarantee and warranty to protect your investment.

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Don't wait until your roof has issues before you call in someone to inspect it and make necessary repairs. The roof is a significant investment for your business and should be treated as such.