Top Issues With Metal Roofs And Solutions

Top Issues With Metal Roofs And Solutions

Metal roofing is one of the most popular commercial roofing materials. Metal roofing offers numerous pros and a few cons. including durability, easy maintenance, light weight, and eco-friendliness.

Most Common Issues With Metal Roofs And How To Fix Them

1 – Corrosion

It is no secret that metal is susceptible to corrosion. The main cause of rust in metal roofs is water, which may penetrate through microscopic cracks in the protective cover. Another common type of corrosion is galvanic corrosion, which occurs when two types of metals come in contact. Certain metals should not come into contact with other types of metals.

Solution: Metal roofs are exposed to the weather daily, so some type of corrosion is bound to appear. The best way to prevent corrosion caused by water is by maintaining the protective covering in your metal roof. Galvanic corrosion, on the other hand, can be prevented by ensuring from the beginning that you use the right metals together.

2 – Scratches

Roofs are exposed to a lot of things, so scratches and scuffs on your metal roof are inevitable. Paint finishes on metal roofs are tough, so it should take some time (or a really hard object) to scratch the material. But when this does happen, not only will it not be aesthetic, but it may also become the root cause of corrosion.

Solution: Don’t let scratches stay exposed for long. A short-term solution are paint pens that you can use to re-seal scratched areas. However, if your roof has suffered numerous scratches, a better solution would be to repaint your metal roof.

3 – Fading Paint

Water, pollution, chemicals in cleaners, and most everything in the environment react with the pigment of the paint in your metal roof. These reactions cause fading paint over time. While fading does not lead to structural issues, faded paint is not pleasant to look at.

Solution: Repainting your metal roof is the obvious solution to this issue. However, before you do, contact your Product Specialist about your roof’s warranty. Fading is usually covered by great warranties, so check it first.

4 – Oil Canning

Oil canning are wavy distortions that affect cold-rolled metal roofs. This issue is an aesthetic one, not a performance issue. This is often caused by improper storage or handling, uneven roof decking, or thermal expansion and contraction.

Solution: Proper handling and installation by professional roof contractors would help greatly. However, adding striations to metal panels or choosing a thicker gauge would also minimize oil canning.

5 - Leaks

Leaks in metal roofs are most likely caused by human error. Overdriving or underdriving metal fasteners, driving the fasteners at the wrong angle, incorrect seaming, improper and application of sealants may all cause leaks. However, it is also, though less likely, for ice damming to cause leaks in metal roofs.

Solution: The best solution to leaks is prevention. Prevent human errors that cause leaks by hiring only a reliable professional commercial roof contractor. This will ensure that your metal roof is installed properly.


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