Warning Signs Of Commercial Roofing Failure

Warning Signs Of Commercial Roofing Failure

Owning or managing a commercial building isn’t something anyone should take lightly. Every nook and cranny of the structure needs constant monitoring. Your commercial roofing system is no exception. 

Commercial roofs are durable, and most are made to withstand strong winds or heavy rains to protect you and your business effectively. However, they won’t last forever as they have their own limitations. 

As the business owner, it’s important for you to keep your eyes peeled for indications that your commercial roof is in need of routine maintenance or replacement. Here are early signs you need to be able to identify: 

  • Water Damage 

If water is suddenly appearing inside your facility, your roof might be in need of repair. You can tell almost immediately if there are water stains or moisture on your building’s walls or ceilings. This could mean that your roof has a leak.

Always think of water as your building’s enemy. Call on a professional roofing service provider to address this problem immediately. 

  • Foul Odors 

If you start smelling something strange, there might be water damage in your roof. The buildup of that moisture within your roofing system can result in mold and mildew. In cases like this, it’s safer to call a professional to assess the damage and repair it before it gets worse. 

  • Cracks In Walls And Ceilings 

Are your walls and/or ceilings showing cracks and you don’t know what’s causing them? It might be the best time to check on your roof. 

Cracks are not just signs of wear and tear. They might be a warning for something unusual happening with your commercial roof or the building structure itself. 

Your roof might be starting to sag, which means the walls are carrying additional weight. As with other problems, do not delay fixing this issue as it might result in costly repairs to your roof and even your entire commercial building. 

  • Warping 

Commercial roofs can expand outward and warp, blister, bubble up, or become distorted. This is caused by water seeping into the materials of your roof and evaporating. This results in a buildup of gas that distorts or warps your commercial roof. 

If you notice this, contact a commercial roofing professional immediately. Should the damage be severe, you might have to replace your roof as soon as possible. 

  • Dips And Sagging 

Your commercial roof is built to sustain its own weight. If you notice that a part of it is sitting lower than the rest, do not ignore this. When portions of your roof sag or dip, then your commercial roof is likely just days away from collapsing. 

Dipping or sagging means that your commercial roof is experiencing a significant amount of weight or pressure on that particular spot. It could also mean that collected moisture is trapped inside the building materials. All of this could lead to structural damage if you don’t immediately reach out to your most trusted roofing company. 

When your commercial roof fails on you, it is important to know the signs to prevent further damage to your entire structure. But what’s even more important is to have your commercial roof surveyed as often as you possibly can.

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