What Are Retrofit Roofing and Common Metal Roof Issues?

What Are Retrofit Roofing and Common Metal Roof Issues?

Retrofit roofing simply provides a commercial property owner with the opportunity to add insulation between the new metal panels and the old roof. They can also choose to use insulated metal panels for the retrofit.

You basically add sub-structural components to an existing commercial roofing system to build a slope into the structure and provide an improved platform for installing the new roofing panels.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Systems

There are two kinds of standing seam metal roof systems that are normally used for commercial buildings: Architectural and structural.

An architectural system is visible from the ground and is more attractive, adding to any commercial building's overall appearance. A structural standing seam is more functional and is much more common for a low slope building where the roof is not clearly visible from the ground.

Issues with Metal Roofing Systems

A structural standing seam metal roof system can last for years; however, it will eventually deteriorate like other roofing systems. When this happens, leaks will begin to develop. When you don’t check on this, it can damage the integrity of the building and cause structural damage.

To avoid problems like this, you want to make sure to have an annual roof inspection done to expose any existing issues there maybe that need to be addressed.


One of the biggest issues metal roof systems face is damage due to the constant movement in temperature season to season. The metal roof is constantly expanding and contracting, and this can cause the metal seams to begin to crack open. A standing seam roof is made from metal sheets that have been fastened together, so thermal forces can cause extensive wear and tear and damage over time.


Corrosion is considered a more long-term effect and happens when precipitation combines with chemicals from air pollution. This can cause the metal roof to begin to corrode and rust. Other factors that can contribute to corrosion and rusting are hail, roof traffic, and other rooftop work.


When the temperature is colder outside, condensation can begin to form under the metal roof if it hasn't been properly insulated. If there are gaps in the insulation, this can cause further damage. Condensation also causes moisture to drop, which can eventually oxidize the metal.

 A Good Solution

A good solution to metal roofing problems such as these is retrofit roofing that has been professionally installed. Insulation put between the metal ribs can create a more level surface. An overlay of an additional layer of insulation is then added.

Instead of an expensive roof replacement, a retrofit solution goes right over the existing roof. It will have added insulation to improve the building's energy efficiency, and the extra insulation can eliminate moisture condensation on the metal roof's interior.

Finally, this solution is also not affected by the metal's constant expansion and contraction, meaning that it is a long-lasting, durable, and reliable roofing solution to consider for your commercial building.

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