What To Expect During Commercial Roofing Inspection

What To Expect During Commercial Roofing Inspection

A roof inspection is the first thing commercial roofing contractors offer to their customers. Before you hire a contractor, it is a good idea to ask for a roofing inspection first. A roofing inspection lets you see what needs to be repaired in your roof, the cost of repairs or what needs to be done, and what options they can offer. Roof inspections help you choose the best contractor to help you.

What Can You Expect During Commercial Roofing Inspections?

  1. The Inspection Starts From The Inside

You know well enough that roofing issues often show up inside the building. It is logical, then, that commercial roofing inspections start inside. This gives the inspector an idea on the gravity of the issue and where the leak is coming from.

  1. The Inspection Extends To The Roof

After inspecting the inside of your building, the inspector will proceed to the roof. They will walk around the roof to look for signs that your commercial roof needs to be repaired or replaced. The inspector will likely start inspecting the perimeters of your roof, which are more likely to have issues, then they will work their way toward the middle of your roof, ensuring that they do not miss an area.

  1. They Will Take Core Samples

Core samples let the contractor understand facts about your roof, such as the layers of roofing, substrate materials used, level of moisture, age of the roof, and the type of decking. The inspector may take a few core samples depending on the size of your roof (they take 1 to 2 core samples for every 10,000 square feet). Don’t worry, though, because they will repair these before leaving.

  1. Roofing Inspections Don’t Take Too Much Time

For the average commercial building, roofing inspection may take somewhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Naturally, larger areas and roofs with more serious issues may take longer.

  1. You Will Receive A Condition Report After The Inspection

After 3 to 5 days, expect to receive a condition report from the commercial roofing contractor. This report should contain their findings or the issues found in your roofing system (with photos and clear explanations), their recommendations to resolve the issue, and a quote for the work proposed.

Let us explain the possible recommendations:

  • If only less than 5% of your roof has issues, the contractor will likely recommend a repair.
  • If the inspector finds less than 25% of your roof is damaged, but the remaining lifetime is less than 3 years, the most cost-effective solution would be to restore the roofing system.
  • If more than 25%, or most of your roof, has issues, the contractor will likely recommend replacing the roof since attempting to repair the large area would only cost more.


Ideally, you should ask multiple commercial roofing contractors to inspect your roof. From the reports provided by each contractor, you should be able to tell which one is most thorough and will therefore do the best job, as well as which one is most affordable. Ask Gulf-Tex Roofing And Services for an inspection now.