Why You Should Always Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected In The Fall

Why You Should Always Have Your Commercial Roof Inspected In The Fall

The roof of your commercial buildings is one of your most important investments. Your roof protects the structural integrity of the building, protects your assets and property from damage, and protects your staff and visitors from harm. Keeping your roof in good condition requires regular inspection to identify and repair any small problems before they become large issues. One of the best times to have your roof inspected is in the Fall months.


Why The Fall Is The Perfect Time For A Roof Inspection


The ideal service program is to have an inspection and maintenance program that offers biannual checks for damage. The two best times of the year to have your roof inspected are in the fall and the spring. In the Fall, roofers check for damage from the sun and hurricane season. They also look for preventative measures to take to bolster against the damage from harsh winter weather.


What Do Roofing Inspectors Check?


Roofing inspectors check for all the signs of damage around the roof area and in the building. They also inspect for any structural damage, as well as the presence of any water damage or mold from leaks. A full inspection includes:


  • Interior inspection to check for proper insulation, ventilation, and any damage or leaks
  • Checking the flashing and seams for damage, loosening, or leaks
  • Looking for large signs of damage like pooling water
  • Checking for areas with missing, destroyed, or degraded roofing materials
  • Inspection of the gutters and other drainage features and systems
  • Investigating if there’s rust or other signs of corrosion


Once the roof inspector has finished their check, they will then recommend a repair strategy to ensure your roof is fixed and ready for winter weather.


Why You Should Always Work With A Professional


It’s a good idea for commercial building owners to do a site check of their roof and also be vigilant for any signs of damage like leaks. However, a full roofing inspection should be conducted by a professional for a number of reasons. First, roof inspections are dangerous, they require climbing onto the roof and going into small crawl spaces. Professionals have all the safety equipment to stay secure. Secondly, roofing inspections require specialized training and certification. They know what to look for beyond the obvious signs of damage. They’ll also be able to fully assess the full extent of the damage beyond what is easily seen. Fortunately, roofing inspections are very affordable, so it’s more than worth the investment to work with a professional.

At Gulf Tex Roofing and Services, we’ve made Fall roof inspections easy. We offer a variety of service and maintenance packages that provide professional inspection and repair. We’ll make sure that small problems on your roof don’t become financial disasters in the future. To schedule your commercial roof inspection, give us a call. We’ll happily walk you through any of our service offerings and answer any questions you might have about roof inspection.